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Real Estate Business Management System

Real Estate Business Management System

REMS – Management System




Real Estate Business Management System is a web based solution. Which is use to manage overall operational activities and process of property records etc. it is the best solution for Real Estate Agencies, Agents, and Clients, etc. (REMS) is a web based solution. So you can manage buyers and seller records. Also, you can manage land detail and stamp duties cost.

REMS can provide your business with immediate and ongoing benefits. It’s mean better margins and cost efficiencies in all aspects of the business. this product is created by Aezax. Use this Management system and feel the future Also bring Your Business To The Next Level!.

Main Features-


  • Proper Screening of Prospective Project and ERP for property management.
  • Recording of Each property detail wide.
  • Project Booking Detail Project Booking Dues Management.
  • Plot Size & Mapping Record Computerized statement of an individual property.
  • Also, You Can Also Handle Plot Stamp Duty Details In This Project.
  • Also, You Can Manage the Details Of Construction Cost Of Property In an Effective Way.