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Free marketing strategies for startups
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Free marketing strategies for startups

Small businesses often have a tight marketing budget that can make promoting your business a big challenge. But the good news is there’s a lot of free marketing that helps you market your business products; or services to your customers without spending a lot of money.

As a business owner, you may not have much time to look for free marketing methods but you will find many free; and cost-effective ways to successfully market your startup.

SEO Optimization Marketing

Marketing by optimizing SEO search engines is one of the best free marketing methods that will only cost time to write blogs and publish them periodically in your store or site.

Posts should be attractive and helpful to visitors, contain key keywords; beautifully and strikingly formatted, and include high-resolution images of your business and office. If you master these things, your location will get better at search engines so traffic will increase to your site to increase your customer count; and so you’ve implemented your marketing plan without paying a riyal.

Create a Google My Business page

Google has a variety of free resources that all entrepreneurs should take advantage of such as Analytics; Search Console, and Google My Business.

Google My Business is the list of business activities you see when you search for business activities on Google or Google Maps. Which is where information like your store’s or company’s business hours, address, and Google’s phone number is stored.

You can create a free account, and add events and images to it. More importantly, this is where all of your Google Reviews will be, where Google Reviews play a big role in the enhancements to your search engines; and are the basis for ranking your business in advanced Google search results.

Post and share on social media

Sharing on social media is a free way to grow your small business, and build trust with your audience. Create business accounts and share big social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, etc. This is something you can do whenever you have free time to market through social media by following the following:

  • Posting posts periodically on your social media accounts or pages increases traffic to your store or website.
  • Have a live chat with your followers to earn more posts.
  • Do polls, and ask your followers for feedback.
  • He regularly sat on social media accounts I created.
  • Customer referral software development
  • Customer Referral Program is a powerful way to market your business and one way to refer customers is to offer your existing customers a free sample product, free service, discounts, or other low-cost rewards.

The Customer Referral Program helps you get new customers by telling your customers to their friends and families about your product features and offerings. In addition, the Customer Referral Award can help you show appreciation to existing customers as well.

Sign up for your customers on social media

It’s one of the best free marketing methods where an @ sign to your loyal customers or potential customers; or even nearby companies. And social media vendors can expand your traffic to your site and thereby increase your business activity and reach new potential customers. This helps you grow your followers and perhaps even reach more customers.

You should also encourage your followers to post posts to their friends and relatives.

Take part in exhibitions

The exhibitions are not limited to large companies that have a lot of money. There is also a lot of room for small companies to benefit from. If you know there is an exhibition in your city, participate quickly in it; even if you have a table or a small exhibition area where you can display your goods. Exhibition attendance is affordable for small businesses that aspire to be big, successful businesses.

If you can’t afford the expo you can contact another company who shares the costs with you, and even if you don’t want to pay any money, you can attend the expo as a visitor but in the process take advantage of the opportunity to connect with other companies, and remember to keep business cards from others.

Try marketing with small influencers

Effective marketing is simply a partnership with an influential person in your business marketing your products, or services, one of the marketing methods that you need to pay a little money, and can sometimes be considered a free and reliable marketing method.

For example, if your business is selling electronics, you’ll have to communicate with those who are technology-minded and have a good social connection with followers, which will definitely increase your sales by getting new customers.

Effective marketing may be free, and it may not be; but small influencers often want to work with your brand to get free gifts or other offers. In exchange for talking to their followers about your products and services, which we can call Micro-influencers (small influencers) that you can count on to promote your brand at a very low cost.

But if you want to reach the top, you may have to pay big influencers to get more customers.

Email Marketing

E-mail marketing through MailChimp, for example, is a good free method. MailChimp is an easy-to-use e-mail marketing service and has free plans for cities with fewer than 2,000 e-mail.

If your small business in MailChimp is right for you; you can expand your customer base by sending monthly e-mail newsletters. Be careful not to be too annoying. Successful marketers stay away from sending daily emails, preferring to be weekly instead. As your skills evolve, we recommend that you try email programming to automatically send Store posts; company location, or holiday discounts.

Try individual marketing

Individual marketing is a good way to personalize your interactions with your customers. If you have a business like a coffee shop or restaurant, it can be as simple as remembering people’s names and their favorite drinks. This means sending discounts to customers on their own occasions, recommending products similar to those they had previously purchased, or viewing different destination pages for visitors to the Web site based on actions taken by customers on previous visits.

It’s a nice idea to do something similar to what Starbucks does that writes customer names on the cups they offer drinks, and there are a lot of examples of individual marketing that can inspire you.

Find partnerships with other companies

To sum up, wherever you are, you can find a large number of businesses in a domain similar to yours in your region that can send customers to you. If your company offers plumbing services, you’ll find many businesses, carpentry companies, and electricity waiting for you to get in touch so that they can send you customers with plumbing problems at home, and receive customers who need services like electric extensions and carpentry.

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