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Samsung starts making OLED monitors

Samsung starts making OLED monitors

Samsung starts making OLED monitors with a 90Hz refresh speed for laptops

The 90Hz refresh speed is now a normal thing for smartphone users with OLED or AMOLED monitors; but it’s not on laptops and PCs. This type of monitor provides only 60Hz refresh speed so far; while companies use LCDs if they want to provide a higher refresh speed for their users. But this will change through Samsung soon.

Samsung began a 14-inch OLED laptop with a 90Hz refresh speed; providing an immersive experience with a much better picture clarity and clarity than LCDs.

The new monitors will be available for the first time with the Zenbook 14x Pro and Vivobook Pro 14x series, which were announced two weeks ago, and will be available to users in the coming period, providing a unique experience for players and content makers through the latest ASUS devices.

Samsung reports that the newer monitors will deliver higher purity in images, and faster speed than 120Hz LCDs, although their screens are limited to 90Hz only.

The new OLED monitors will add a pure color experience with a 100% full DCI-P3 spectrum cover, which LCDs do not, and provide better image depth and greater clarity of detail during use, which will be especially obvious to gamers and visual content makers.

That is not absolutely just about difference and the liveliness, by the same token. Running match-ups at such high resolution rates causes significant damage both on your wallet and your PC’s battery life. Siphoning out more edges requires costly illustrations cards. Nevermind the ton of energy.

Samsung’s goal is to offer larger screens for laptop manufacturers with OLED technology. It now offers monitors with just 60Hz refresh speed; and will also be available with ASOS for ProArt Studio OLED content manufacturers; who will deliver a 16″ 14K display with a 60Hz refresh speed for users.

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