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Clubhouse Voice Social Network

Clubhouse Voice Social Network

Talk about a new audio chat app called Clubhouse Club, which can only be used on iPhones through an invitation; has been buzzing lately, but it’s coming to the Android system soon. Social media across the world, Saudi Arabia in particular have been circulating these calls; among audiences trying to experiment with new applications.

“Club House” is a live streaming-like application that enables users to share their ideas and talk; and build friendships from different countries around the world through voice-chat groups. All of this is done using sound clips instead of text posts or written visual speech. But what is the new Club House network? How did it start? How does it work? What are its advantages and disadvantages?

What is Clubhouse “Club House”?

is a voice-chat application that started in 2020 and then spread dramatically over the pandemic as people couldn’t get together. It’s designed to build a social experience so that you can meet with other people; and speak with voice rather than text. And the concept of clubhouse is that once you’re invited to join; you sign up on the official website using the phone number. Then you can start a conversation or listen to it in the Digital Room; and a big conversation is moderated by a famous person or a small group of friends.

There are plenty of diverse digital rooms that can be joined for voice conversations. The “host” acts as a conversation moderator and people in the room can raise their hands virtually; and turn on the microphone to speak. Celebrities include business leaders, technologists, and celebrities from around the world.

It’s an antidote to other social networks that rely heavily on writing. The idea of applying Club House is based on sound, not text; making it like an interactive podcast or a mass call.

How does the Clubhouse work?

When signing up for the app and getting an account in it; it lets the user decide which topics they prefer, be they social, entertainment or economic. The more information you provide about your hobbies, the more groups or virtual rooms clubhouse recommends you follow.

The idea of these virtual rooms is to combine closed meetings with public seminars. You can create a private room or join and listen to a public conversation directly. If you want to give your opinion, raise your hand, and it’s up to the moderator to discuss; he may allow you to speak or introduce you as keynote speaker if you have interesting information. Here you may have an opportunity to discuss important personalities. The interaction on the app is based on the existence of real identity characters.

Also, an advantage of the application is that the voice share is not saved and disappears when the participant leaves the room, which gives some privacy, but the conversations can be recorded by external means. Any other user can also identify the person they invited, as this information is saved to the personal file.

The Wealthy Club

The app works with a marketing plan that invites celebrities and top technology executives to use it, since it’s only limited to those invited through it, which has prompted a lot to call it the “secret club for the rich,” but the app has not yet made the app famous. His real fame; and sudden increase came after Tesla founder Elon Musk engaged in a lengthy conversation with Robin Hood CEO Vlad Tenev. It happened in a Club House chat room, according to several US platforms that specialize in technology.

In February, Elon Musk used the app to talk about his life, films, books and other projects. This encouraged many users to submit requests to join the app to hear Musk speak.

The app became even more popular because of the new privacy policy previously published on WhatsApp and Facebook; and users trying to find new alternatives. This happened as many social media invitations emerged to join the app as an alternative to WhatsApp and Facebook, as it can be used for voice chats. However, Facebook is already working on a version of the Club House app.

The app also provides users the freedom to discuss different topics without restriction or censorship; unlike Facebook, which announced its intention to limit political content on its platform. However, it was expected that the application would soon disappear.

But despite the diversity of user opinions and experiences across social media platforms with the app, are the voice chat rooms in the app completely safe? Can these recordings fall into the hands of certain parties that may lead to legal accountability?

Club House security

A report from Stanford Internet University Monitor argues that the app contains security flaws that make users’ data vulnerable to access; especially by the Chinese government. According to Stanford Observatory, the Chinese technology company Agora Inc. May be able to access users’ raw audio, which can be accessed by the Chinese government. The company chose not to make the app available in China, however, some people were able to find a solution to download it, meaning that part of some of the conversations can be transferred via Chinese servers.

More applications and less privacy

The Stanford report came out to shed light on new information that was not known; such as the Chinese company Agora’s link to ClubHouse, as well as the presence of a “servant” in America and China. The report revealed that data traffic is routed to servers managed by Agora, and joining it creates a “managed package”. This package contains metadata about each user, such as the ID and ID of the room they’re joining, and sending this metadata online in unencrypted text, meaning that any third party can access this data.

Based on the data up to this point in the Stanford report, Agora can access metadata because it’s not encrypted, it can access voice content, and the data can reach the Chinese government via Agora.

As for privacy policy, Clubhouse Voice Social Network collects important information like personal data, voice content and user addresses to recommend other users, and recommend your account and content to them.

However, this application is still relatively new and cannot be acceded to without inviting and submitting an application for membership. Therefore, it is not possible to know the extent to which the chat encryption power will be inside it; as it has not proven that it is fully secure or easily penetrable. This is attributed to the users’ need for a new voice chat application to include the current applications that seek to enter the field of voice chats, such as Facebook, especially after the large demand on Club House. Twitter recently launched its feature for podcasting, but it has not yet achieved the desired results.

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