FlatHost - Responsive Hosting Template

E-commerce Website

Just think of all that work as an opportunity to build a successful ecommerce website - and a potentially thriving business!

Many businesses developing their first eCommerce website seriously underestimate the amount of time required to properly develop the site. In actual fact, the technical side of things is quite straightforward, and it’s the creation of high quality images and writing of good product descriptions that really takes the time.

Lastly, and importantly, you don’t need to write “War and Peace”! Concise product descriptions are far more likely to be read by your customers than long rambling descriptions. This is actually a difficult one to set any definite word quota for though, because if it’s a complex product then you need to cover the detail adequately. The best way to handle the situation where you have to include a lot of detail is to add tabbed content areas below the primary description, and you can provide as much information as you like there for those customers who need it.


E-Commerce Feature

  • Content management capabilities
  • Promotion and discount code tools
  • Cost effective development
  • An easy-to-use checkout
  • Search engine optimized code and layout
  • Reporting tools
  • An integrated blog or articles section
  • Email marketing integration
  • Multiple payment options (Credit card, PayPal, PO, Terms, etc.
  • The ability to scale up with your platform