Web Application

We Provide Advance technologies and advanced features businese demanded web-application for our clients in extraordinary cost effective environment. We believe in individuality of work on fullfill client requirements.

Desktop Application

Aezax provide the best of technologies to develop unique, user-friendly and effective Desktop Applications that work offline. We help your business environment through easy to access, easy to use, new generation Rich Desktop Applications which fullfill your business need.

Mobile Application

Smart mobile needs smart developers! Our android developers are Execelent when you are searching for best developers with the quality of developing Advanced and attractive more efficient Android applications.

E-Commerce Website

Start Your business online aur open online store is now easy, we provide you Advance fully functional and user friendly e-commerce website solution within a reasonable price. We will provide you a track which increase your business on internet.

Web Hosting

Web Hosting is very important for your website if you are launching a business website or an idea, WebSoft Corner provides the best and affordable price and also proviedes the security for your business.

UI Design

When designing a application dashboard with many sections and details.Ui design mean user-interface design which is very simple and user friendly design. it is interactive for your users. it is effective for business and all kinds of users.


We have a team of experts with extensive knowledge of search engine optimization. Improve your website ranking and traffic all at an affordable cost. With the ever increasing pace of business over the internet.

Logo Design

Logo is the corporate identity that presents your organization brand image and what you do. Whether you are new to business or want to rebuild your reputation, employ our logo designing team and give your company a bang with a new.

Web Development

With the ever increasing pace of business over the internet, internet marketing has become the most vibrant part of a profitable business. We specialize in escalating your online existence to capitalize on business success.